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Flexible payment options

Credit payment options that suit you.

Offer your customers flexible credit options that blends in and suit your customers needs. Our APIs allows you to integrate as a stand alone solution directly to your checkout and customize it to fit your brand.
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Our open API gives you all the tools you need to integrate your choice of credit payments methods, into your own checkout, customizable to match your brand.

White label

Whether you prefer to offer invoice, part-pay options, or extended payment terms, the choice is yours. Our standalone solution is fully customizable, enabling you to have full ownership.

Increase retention

When implementing Avarda’s stand alone solution for credit payment options you automatically get access to our powerful remarketing tools available to the post purchase experience.

Live Invoice

At Avarda, we're all about making payments a breeze. That's why we offer LiveInvoice – no app, no login, just your invoice. Always accessible, easy to settle, and always up to date. Easy peasy.


Let your customers have real-time information about their purchases and invoices. We offer MyPages both via API, to integrate on your own site, or as a branded add-on without integration.

Settlement options

Paying your invoice should be easy. Therefore, we offer a broad selection of market specific payment options such as Swish, Vipps, open banking and many more.

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