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White label & 360 ownership

Get in charge of your entire shopping experience

Tired of payment brands stealing attention?

At Avarda we believe it's all about your brand and the relationships you cultivate with your customers. We firmly believe that you should maintain complete control over the shopping experience you provide, from pre-purchase to post-purchase. That's why we offer what we call "true white label" payments and solutions to our merchants.

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360 ownership

Forget annoying brands trying to steal attention from your customers in the shopping experience. With Avarda you remain in full control of the entire shopping experience, both pre- and post-purchase.

Increased retention

With full ownership of the shopping experience, a new world of remarketing possibilities opens up. Providing you with several completely new marketing touchpoints with your customers.

True white label

All of our solutions are carefully developed to allow you to stay in control of your brand and shopping experience. Enabling you to empower your brand and build strong relationships with your customers.

Case: 11 % increased retention rate

Learn how we helped Haypp group increase their retention rate with more than 11 %, translating to millions of SEK in sales revenue.


New touchpoints

Choose Avarda for a game-changing customer connection! Explore completely new touchpoints in the afterflow, like customized invoice emails and MyPages. Keeping your brand top of mind effortlessly.


New touchpoints, endless possibilities! Tailor your afterflow communication together with us to drive website revisits and boost customer retention.

Brand control

Keep your brand in the driver's seat and maintain control throughout the customer journey. We believe your customers belong in your channels, not a third-party payment app.