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Live Invoice

Possibly the easiest way for your customers to see and pay their purchases. No app, no login – only LiveInvoice. The white-labelled service helps you continue strengthening your own brand all the way throughout the purchase journey.


100% Live

Live Invoice always shows the status of the payment, in real-time. No more confusion whether you have paid or not.

No integration and no login

LiveInvoice is web based, meaning no integration is needed. No sensitive or personal information about the customer is displayed in LiveInvoice, eliminating the need to login.

Returning Customers

Your own marketing processes and cycle presented in the Live Invoice environment increase the Click Back Rate (CBR), to your site.

Payment Methods

Offer your customers a wide variety of ways to pay their invoices, with Open Banking, cards and digital wallets.


Added Benefits Of The Live Invoice

  • Possibility to offer personalized offers and marketing to the customer
  • Merchant controls what advertisement is presented to the customer
  • Pay everything now, part pay or postpone your payment
  • Make it easier for customer service to always give relevant information to the customer, live – in real-time