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Added Services

Return optimizer

Avarda Return Optimizer can recognize and optimize the buying process to decrease the number of transactions where there is no real intention to make a purchase. This enhances your productivity and profitability in the short term as well as in the long run.

Shipping widgets

Optimize your checkout experience and increase conversion rate by adding your preferred shipping widget directly in Avarda Checkout+. Adding a shipping widget will give you full flexibility and functionality to optimize the presentation of shipping options.


We're all about partnerships and continuously seek interesting new collaborations. From e-commerce platforms to shipping and payment service providers, our diverse network spans various industries. Contact us to hear more about our different partners and possibilities.

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Avarda Return Optimizer

● AI-based functionality to reduce returns from serial returners

● Automated in Avarda Checkout and Stand Alone Payment Options

● Limit the 2% worst customers and focus on the 98% good ones

● Soft-block or hard-block in alignment with your own policy

Shipping Solutions

● Get shipping options inside the Avarda Checkout

● Full flexibility and functionality

● Optimized presentation of shipping options