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About us
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About us

Avarda offers true white-label payment solutions and sales financing for e-com merchants in the Nordics.

Avarda payment solutions help merchants increase their organic sales and strengthen their brand in all touchpoints of the after flow.

Avarda is part of TF Bank, which is listed at Nasdaq OMX. Our offices are situated in Stockholm, Borås, Oslo, Helsinki. Avarda currently employs 100+ co-workers across its operating locations.

Vision and mission

Since our start, the Avarda vision has been to take the customer experience beyond payments.

We believe in establishing meaningful relationships with our customers and partners and understand that teamwork and co-operation is vital for our success. Being united strengthens our relationships and gives us resources to grow our business. We are on a mission to be more than payments.

With a constant drive to create more value for our customers and partners combined with having a genuine retail DNA, we are the merchant’s best friend.


Our values

Avarda values have been built together with our employees and expresses the essence of the Avarda spirit and culture. The strong value base guides us in the execution of our strategy and daily work.


We are passionate about our business, customers, and partners. We love what we do, we dream big and set ambitious goals. We lead by including others, take responsibility and commit to deliver results.


We believe in collaboration and understand that teamwork and co-operation is vital for our success. Being united strengthens our relationships and gives us resources to grow our business. We actively collaborate with our customers and partners to develop great products and services.


We create value by having meaningful relationships and close co-operation with our customers and partners. We are not content to follow others, but instead choose to do things differently and innovate. Going the extra mile to make a difference, we are the merchant's best friend.


Growth for us is a mindset – people, business, results. Growth motivates and gives us energy and drive.


For us, trust is an enabler of success. We are transparent, delegate clear mandate, responsibility, and accountability. Our relationships are built on trust, and we value honesty and sincerity. Trust forms the backbone of what we do.

Avarda company information

About Avarda
Avarda AB
Company Reg. No: 559310-4697
Visiting Address: Lilla Brogatan 6, 503 30 Borås

Avarda AB is a credit market company, under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the SFSA, with authorization to issue credits, provide payment services and offer deposits to the public.

Subject to the authorization, Avarda must comply with the detailed regulations specific to credit institutes and payment service providers, including the Banking and Financing Business Act (2004:297) and the Payment Service Act (2010:750), including regulations on capital and liquidity requirements, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing, internal governance and control, consumer credits, remunerations and ethics. In addition, Avarda is also required to comply to general laws, regulations, and industry practices, for example tax regulations, privacy regulations, contract law and labour law.

Owners and Board of Directors
Avarda AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of TF Bank AB (publ). TF Bank exercises its shareholders' decision-making power at the annual general meeting. According to the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551), the general meeting decides, among other things, on the articles of association, adoption of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, the discharging shareholders from liability, dividends, and the election of the Board of directors and auditors.

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for the activities conducted within Avarda. The Board of Directors has adopted rules of procedure for its work and for the work of its committees. The Board of Directors is responsible for Avardas organization and management and has the overall responsibility for Avardas governance and control framework. The Board of Directors is also responsible for the election and dismissing of the CEO and the control functions.

The Board of Directors continuously assesses Avardas company's financial situation, to ensure that its accounting, capital and liquidity management and asset management are managed in a responsible and efficient manner. The Board of Directors is also ultimately responsible for ensuring that Avarda conducts its operations in an ethically responsible and professional manner, that conflicts of interest are identified and managed and that Avarda maintains a sound risk culture.

CEO of Avarda

  • Rasmus Rolén

The Board of Directors of Avarda is constituted as follows:

  • Joakim Jansson, Chairman
  • Mikael Meomuttel
  • Katarina Berner Frösdal
  • Karin Burgas
  • Henrik Fritz

Avarda as an employer

At Avarda we strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We are the merchant’s best friend and strive to be the best employer for our employees. We aim to create value in everything we do. In addition, we are bold and solution-oriented, which helps us simplify complex matters. We are not content with following others but choose to innovate and do things differently.

As an employer we are committed to support both personal and professional growth. Our work might be demanding, but at the same time we remember to enjoy the ride and have fun along the way.

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